Judging Criteria

We’re looking for a vision for a restaurant not just a menu, an end-to-end dining experience to be executed in Melbourne. It should be an innovative, creative and commercially sustainable concept that is pushing the envelope in Australia’s dining scene. Each entry must communicate the intended dining experience – focusing not only on food but also setting the scene for the intended ambiance and personality of the concept.

The judging panel will consist of five recognised experts in Australia’s dining scene. Judges will appraise entries using the following criteria:

  • Your vision
  • The food
  • The experience
  • How innovative the concept is and how it impacts on the future of dining
  • The concept’s personality
  • Creativity
  • Uniqueness
  • How ground breaking the concept is and whether or not it pushes the envelope
  • Its practicality/commercial sustainability

The Prize

  • A three-month residency at the Broadsheet Kitchen in Melbourne where you will bring your concept to life
  • Working under the operational guidance of industry leaders
  • Mentorship from leaders in hospitality, branding and business specific to the winner’s concept
  • A brand identity for your concept will be created and executed within the space and online
  • Extensive Broadsheet coverage in the lead up to and during the residency


How to apply

Applications for residencies 3 & 4 of The Broadsheet Kitchen at Saint Crispin are now open.

Applications must include a 300–500-word description of the restaurant concept explaining:

  • Your vision
  • Why you think it is a commercially sustainable concept
  • Why the concept will play a role in the future of Australia’s dining scene
  • Food direction
  • Beverage element
  • Style of service
  • Target audience
  • Design ethos
  • Environment/ ambiance
  • Anything else you believe to be relevant

You must also include:

  • Five example menu items
  • A mood board of image references to help the judges visualise your concepts to help the judges visualise your concept

Entry Info

Apply to take residency at the Broadsheet Kitchen by submitting a 300-500 word description of your restaurant concept. Take care to follow the judging criteria and include 5 x example menu items and a mood board of image references to help the judges visualise your concept.

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